Thursday, November 8, 2012

And the winner is...

   Lets just say the past 2 months or so I wasn't at my best. I was hanging on by my fingertips, ready to fall and shatter at any moment. I felt alone, no one knew what I was going through and trying to act like I was as good as always cut me deeper. Its not like I can tell everyone the whole story though, some things just stay private but I have been forever truthful as I can be here. This might not seem like a big deal but this (my blog) is my everlasting truth. It is my life written down as much as I can possibly write and even if I forget my life is always here. This has kept me going for the longest time and when I started it with the hope of just getting some relief from my crazy life I had achieved so much more. Never did I think that me, a girl that I thought could never be repaired and had no purpose would end up getting international attention from over 4000 viewers. I couldn't do it alone, I am grateful to have such an amazing loving family and I am grateful to have someone to look up to. If it wasn't for Sherrie Gearheart I didn't know where I would be right now, she has saved my life and there is no way I will ever be able to express how much she has impacted me. She saved my life. My whole family is extremely thankful for what she has done and shes helped me find my purpose. I want to be just like her, I want to save the lives of those suffering from depression. I want them to know that they are not alone and I want to make her proud. Through pageantry I have gotten a chance to be a voice for those who are suffering from depression and I have been given opportunities to make a difference. I might have mentioned I competed at a national pageant this past weekend and this was something I wanted more than anything. The winner got to be on the cover of Tiara Magazine, viewed by over 130 countries. What made this even more special for me was that my hero Sherrie Gearheart is the founder of my platform charity Live Out Loud and also the editor of Tiara magazine. Just days before the pageant I was in a downward spiral, I was honestly expecting the worst but then came pageant weekend and lets just say I have become a new person. Ill give you the gist of it, they called second runner up, then first runner up but neither of those were me so it was either I did really good and won or really sucked and lost. Then drum roll started and that's when I heard the words that changed everything, ''and your new winner is....Miss Teen Northern U.S. Christina Gimondo!!!''! I can not tell you how shocked I was, I didn't know what to think. I was at a national pageant and they just called my name as the winner, I couldn't process it I just cried in disbelief as I was crowned Ms. American Elegance Teen. I made my first walk as queen and then I saw my mom run to me, she was crying and I couldn't help but cry too because I saw in her eyes that she was proud of me. After that I went and got my makeup done for the magazine cover shoot and then to make things even crazier Sherrie told me I had the best interview in the whole pageant! There were women there that were 50 years old and I had won best interview! In the end I just hope I made Sherrie proud and I hope that through my reign as queen I can make a difference. I'm looking forward to the year, fashion shows, photo shoots, a magazine cover, volunteering, appearances and endless opportunities. Anyone have suggestions on volunteering, appearances, questions etc. you can email me at either or and I will definitely respond. Thank you everyone.

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  1. Christina, you are SO deserving of this opportunity. You are an amazing young woman, so very special in every way. You are NEVER alone, we will ALWAYS be here for you. Spend this year sharing your story of struggle and strength, help others find their inner light so they too may find their way out of the darkness. You, like Sherrie, are making a difference. You have so much to give, and don't ever forget that every day is a blessing for us because you are here. We are so proud! Love you! Mom